Articles of Incorporation Overview and Purpose

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Information included in the document must be in English, and must state the name and address of at least one individual causing the document to be delivered for filing. The individual or legal entity that will accept service of process on behalf of the business entity is the registered agent. There are significant differences between an articles of organization vs. operating agreement. The articles of organization is the document that the Secretary of State’s offices requires for a business formation or when you register a business name. The operating agreement is the business contract that LLC members agree upon for handling disputes or dissolving an organization.

  • It’s important to maintain a separation between your personal and business finances to protect your personal assets from liability.
  • EINs are essentially Social Security numbers for your business and are usually required to open a business banking account, obtain a business license, or file a business tax return.
  • You will need to head to the specific website for your state.
  • • Form used to restate the filed Articles of Organization by consolidating all amendments into new Articles of Organization.

An S corporation combines a C corporation’s limited liability with the tax advantages you would get as a partnership or LLC. The primary tax advantage in question here is pass-through taxation – namely, S corporation income is taxed as personal income. That means your corporate profits and losses appear on your and your shareholders’ personal tax returns. Articles of incorporation are intended for American corporations.

Registered Agent Name and Address

It could be a home address, an office address, or a friend or family member’s address. You can file your LLC Articles of Organization online or by mail. To qualify for 4-Hour expedite processing, your filing must be precleared and approved. Receive flat-fee bids from lawyers in our marketplace to compare. Failing to follow through on contractual and financial obligations can result in criminal charges or a civil court matter. Instead of leaving your business exposed, work with a legal professional that can translate your business strategy over into the legal world.


You’ll see a popup message about “multiple agencies” and using the “Wizard”. We’ll show you how to register with the Department of Taxation in the Hawaii LLC tax requirements lesson. We recommend the online filing as it’s easier to do and the approval time is much faster. If you hand-deliver the form, there is an additional $15 fee. Articles of Organization can be submitted to the Secretary of Stateonline, by mail or in person. You may designate either an individual or a registered corporate agent qualified with the California Secretary of State .

Instructions for filing Hawaii LLC Articles of Organization Online

The Instructions For Articles Of Organization agent should consent to being appointed because they are to be the registered agent for the entity. The individual forming the company should be 18 years or older or another enterprise entity. The Secretary of State is not very fast when it comes to LLC filings. The timelines change depending upon volume, but you are looking at somewhere in the vicinity of several weeks unless you pay for expedite processing.

Notice to the Annual General Meeting of Aiforia Technologies Plc –

Notice to the Annual General Meeting of Aiforia Technologies Plc.

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